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About Us


noun: differentiation; plural noun: differentiations
the action or process of differentiating.
"packaging can be a source of product differentiation"

DeLorean Industries (DPI, Di or DeLorean Performance Ind) restores and modifies existing DeLorean automobiles for its customers. DeLorean Industries does not manufacture or sell new vin replica automobiles but does replicate, engineer and innovate every component involved replacing the majority of the factory components. DeLorean Industries builds new cars from scratch within the constraints of using existing "true" factory DeLorean vehicle identification numbers. DPI is not sponsored, associated, approved, endorsed nor, in any way, affiliated with the original DeLorean Motor Company or the replica outfit Delorean Motor Company (Texas). Any branded component products mentioned are the trademarks of their respective holders and are held in the highest of regards through mention as valued contributors to our efforts. Any mention of trademarked names or other marks is for purpose of reference only. The product of DeLorean Industries uncompromising effort is a DeLorean DMC-12 restored and innovated by DPI. Out of respect for John DeLorean and his Legacy, this innovated machine should never under any circumstances be referred to or described as a "DPI DeLorean," "DPI DMC-12," or in any other manner that suggests that it is anything but a 1981-83 DeLorean DMC-12.


Our Facilities


The world headquarters of Delorean Industries is centrally located in Tallmadge, Ohio with our fully equipped service facility along with the Innovation and Performance division based in Phoenix Arizona.. With our services being utilized around the world, a streamlined approach has been adopted allowing for an uncompromising standard of excellence on all services and products offered. This results in the highest quality parts and service available in the world.




The Beginings

Delorean Industries is the culmination of a lifelong passion for the Delorean marque. After purchasing his first car, Josh Bengston found a monopolised niche' market unsatisfied with greed driven vendor support revolving around a NOS (new old stock) parts inventory lpurchased for pennies on the dollar and "reproduction" parts based on a planned obsolescence business model.

DeLorean Industries was formed to bring balance, innovation and performance to this abused niche' market. Offering not only the widest spectrum of NOS solutions and restoration tactics but an innovative approach to performance and enhancement of the DMC-12 platform. The end result: The only non-franchised Delorean exclusive company started and sustained in over twenty years. To date DeLorean Industries offers thousands of exclusive unique components innovating, enhancing the performance of and tastefully stylizing John DeLorean's uncompromising dream.



Our Mission Statement

Delorean Industries works tirelessly to produce only the finest restoration, repair, parts, sales and innovation for the Delorean DMC-12 platform. DeLorean Industries stands for nothing short of the uncompromising innovation of the dream.