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The End of Bosch K-Jet Service at DeLorean Industries

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Effective January 1st 2018 DeLorean Industries will be the first company to fully abandon K jet on the DMC-12 platform. As of this date DeLorean Industries will exclusively offer full fuel injection conversions only for existing and new customers. This move is fueled by the lack of quality required components to provide a lasting and reliable repair on cars serviced with K jet systems and the shrinking cost offset between maintaining K jet and properly updating to EFI. Details of services and components to be discontinued listed below. Fuel line kits will still be available through our authorized dealer network as this is considered a major safety update but not for sale or installation at our facilities. For more information and requesting service before the above deadline contact us directly at

Services Discontinued:

-Fuel tank/pump clean out and replacement k jet platform cars

-Fuel distributor servicing

-Updating factory fuel lines 

-Replacing factory mechanical injectors 

Parts Discontinued:

-updated braided stainless fuel lines 

-K jet fuel pump kits 

-Fuel accumulators and line kits 

-Fuel distributors 

-Warm up regulators 

-Mechanical fuel injectors

-All sensors associated with CIS system 

-All sensors and associated switches