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DeLorean Industries Clutch Hydraulic Systems

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Even after thirty six years bone stock DeLorean's are being found around the world. One of the most problematic issues with manual transmission cars is the factory clutch hydraulic system. Stock cars are easily identified by the looking through the drivers wheel well at the pedal box. A black line will protrude and disapear along the frame rail. This line is a failure prone plastic clutch hydraulic line from the factory. Symtoms of issues with this include clutch disengagement problems and working issues of the system when hot. Under stress the plastic line balloons preventing proper disengagement by the slave cylinder. Unfortunately as in years past simply replacing the line no longer fixes the problem. Many owners have found that once you try to bleed the old slave and master units they begin to leak.

DeLorean Industries has developed the first complete front to back system update for the clutch system. The update removes all seal failing prone connections with modern day hydraulic AN fittings. The rear hard line is replaced with a second braided unit along with a braided jumper from the new fill point to master cylinder. The master cylinder features a fully adjustable clevis point allowing for proper aligment of the pedal box without any other adjustable linkages installed.

Updated kits are available today from DeLorean Industries at the link below.

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