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Product Update- Stainless lower control arms

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DeLorean Industries now offers an industry exclusive finish on all of our stainless offerings. Previously stainless components with welding were provided in a "Mil spec" capacity. We now offer all of our welded stainless components with a complete cosmetic solution. The "DPI Satin" finish is now standard on all suspension components and a variety of other welded parts. Contact us today for a complete list of our updated offerings. 

DeLorean Industries Clutch Hydraulic Systems

Even after thirty six years bone stock DeLorean's are being found around the world. One of the most problematic issues with manual transmission cars is the factory clutch hydraulic system. Stock cars are easily identified by the looking through the drivers wheel well at the pedal box. A black line will protrude and disapear along the frame rail. This line [...]

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DeLorean Industries A/C Line kits

DeLorean Industries has worked to bring cutting edge technology to the aging air conditioning system on the DMC-12. Our updated line offerings utilize the highest barrier protection possible limiting permeation dramatically compared to stock hose style offerings. Added convenience and labor saving benefits include the ability to assemble lines "on car" compared to partial body [...]

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